Firewood in Mount Airy, MD

Looking to throw a few logs on the fire? The next time you need firewood, contact Stabler Tree & Crane Services. We stock a tremendous selection of firewood and are pleased to offer it for sale at a reasonable price. We provide firewood for sale in Mount Airy, MD and to customers as far as 100 miles away.

Our Firewood

firewood craneBecause of our experience as certified tree care specialists, we’re able to procure a great selection of firewood throughout the year. As we fell trees, we process them into perfectly split firewood logs and bundle them for convenience, enabling our customers to take home firewood in Mount Airy, MD easily. We primarily offer oak and other native hardwood firewood varieties.

Bulk Orders

We welcome bulk firewood orders and can work with you to come to pricing that’s befitting of your intended purchase volume. Because we serve such a wide region, we’re accustomed to filling firewood orders for customers of all sizes and applications—from private customers with wood burning stoves, to commercial customers with firewood needs.

Quality Firewood in Mount Airy, MD

Because we cultivate our firewood directly from the trees we fell, you can rest assured our stock is free of any treated wood or dangerous chemicals. We believe in the safety and integrity of our firewood, and we take pride in passing on quality firewood to our customers above all else.

For more information about any of the firewood we offer or to inquire about placing an order, please contact us today at 410-795-0395. We welcome single orders and bulk customers alike and can work with you to establish pricing based on your order quantity.