The Work Conditions for Tree Trimmers in Mount Airy, MD

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To the uninitiated, tree trimming might look like a fairly easy task. After all, the job is essentially just lopping off some branches that look a little long, right? Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tree trimming is tough work that can also lead to serious injuries if you don’t know what you’re doing. This post will teach you more about the hazards that tree trimmers in Mount Airy, MD face, as well as cover why you should always leave the job to the pros.

Dangers of tree trimming

Not only is it a tough job, but tree trimming can be incredibly dangerous. The points below are a few of the risks that tree trimmers take when they’re working on your property:

  • Electrocution: Power lines are a tree trimmer’s number one enemy. Any contact with an electrical line can be a death sentence, which is why tree trimmers always keep their distance. As a general rule, all power lines should be treated as if they’re live and dangerous.
  • Falls: Climbing up into a tree or getting up in a basket crane isn’t exactly the safest job out there. If a tree trimmer isn’t being careful, he’s likely to fall to the ground and seriously injure himself.
  • Falling limbs: Thanks to gravity, all of those limbs that the trimmer cuts off will fall to the ground. All of the employees on the ground need to keep their head on a swivel to ensure they’re not directly underneath a falling branch!

Necessary safety equipment

You can’t just climb up into a tree wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. All tree trimmers in Mount Airy, MD need to wear the following safety gear when performing their jobs:

  • Hard hat: As mentioned above, all of those trimmed limbs are bound to come crashing to the ground. Every tree trimmer on the crew needs to wear a hard hat to ensure their head is protected when those branches come down.
  • Gloves: As you can imagine, puncture wounds, scrapes and cuts are common when you’re working up in a tree. Tree trimmers have to protect their hands with heavy-duty gloves.
  • Non-slip boots: Sturdy boots are a must when you’re climbing up in a tree. Non-slip footwear helps ensure that you don’t come toppling down while climbing.
  • Climbing gear: Safety harnesses, belts and ropes are just a few of the things tree trimmers wear while they’re climbing up in a tree. Not only do these help prevent falls, they also make the job much easier overall.
  • Face shield: Sawdust and wood chips fly out in all directions while limbs are being cut. Face shields protects trimmers’ faces from all of that debris.
  • Goggles: In addition to a face shield, goggles or glasses should always be worn to protect the eyes from that flying debris.
  • Hearing protection: If you’ve ever been near a chainsaw, you know that they’re not quiet tools! Tree trimmers need to wear ear plugs or ear muffs to protect their hearing while using their tree trimming equipment.

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