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There are many rules and regulations regarding trees in Maryland that you may not be aware of. If you find yourself burdened by a tree on your property or along your commute that you want to do something about, it’s important to be familiar with the rules that govern what you’re allowed to do about them. You can also always call a professional for tree services in Mount Airy, MD to take care of your tree problem. However, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the rules regarding trees and trimming in Maryland.

Roadside trees

What do you do about a problem tree that’s not on your own or a neighbor’s property? Sometimes, trees along the side of the road have become a problem, whether they’re dead and decaying or just blocking important traffic signs or signals. A good citizen might be tempted to do something about the problem themselves and call for tree services in Mount Airy, MD. However, you might want to think twice before immediately taking action.

The law states that you cannot cut down, trim, mutilate or injure the tree without a work order issued by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Instead of trimming the tree yourself, you’ll want to call the DNR or Bureau of Highways to alert them to the problem and avoid breaking the law. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides a number of services for roadside trees, including trimming, removal of dead wood, elevating limbs blocking traffic, removal of dead trees and removal of stumps. If you find a tree that seems to be dead, damaged, blocking streetlights or other important signs, call the Bureau of Highways or DNR to have them take a look at the problem.

Emergency assistance

There are times when the problem can’t seem to wait for the Bureau of Highways or other far-off people to notice and do something about it. Sometimes severe storms may create so many tree issues that the DNR can’t get to all of the problem trees in a timely manner. Residents who are concerned about the state of problem trees can do something about the tree themselves if they obtain a valid tree removal permit from the Maryland Forest Service. In cases where a resident has obtained the proper permit, they can hire a licensed company that provides tree services in Mount Airy, MD. For other, non-emergency tree problems, call the Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560 to inform them about problem trees or inquire about the timeline for removing them.

If you’re in need of tree services in Mount Airy, MD on your own property or on the roadside and have obtained the proper permit, contact Stabler Tree & Crane Services. We have been a premier service provider for all tree and stump needs since 1986. We focus on getting the job done quickly and as safely as possible. We are licensed and insured, and equipped with the tools and expertise needed to care for trees at every state of their lives, from planting and maintenance to removal. Call us today for a consultation.

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