Tree Troubles and Needed Solutions

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Having trees on your lawn and surrounding property can be wonderful. They provide shade, aesthetic value and the reminder of the natural world. However, they also require regular tree maintenance in Mount Airy, MD. You may experience issues with your trees and be unsure what to do about them. They may be suffering from disease and a lack of growth, or dead branches may be threatening to fall onto your roof. Keep reading to identify your tree troubles and the right solution for your problem.

Proper tree maintenance in Mount Airy, MD

One problem many tree owners have is a lack of nutrients in the soil. In the natural world, trees have access to nutrient-dense soil from the plants and vegetation growing around them. However, in urban and suburban settings, your tree might be the only one around, especially if you typically remove fallen leaves and twigs that could add necessary nutrients back into the soil. Plus, grass tends to outcompete trees for necessary nutrients. Thankfully, the solution is simple: properly fertilizing and mulching your tree. If you’re not sure how or when to mulch and fertilize, contact a tree service for advice on tree maintenance in Mount Airy, MD.

Another issue that homeowners find is that their soil is too compacted for healthy tree growth. When we work and play in our yards constantly, the foot traffic as well as other lawn maintenance tools, like lawn mowers, compact the soil, which creates a restricted environment for roots to grow. You can solve this by mixing organic matter into the compounded soil and practicing vertical mulching, which replaces the compacted soil in the root area of the tree.

Combating pests and other damage

Sometimes, it’s not the failure of proper tree maintenance in Mount Airy, MD that is the root of the problem. Pests will often target stressed trees. Your tree may already be struggling for proper nutrients or may just be planted in the wrong environment, which makes it a prime target for pests. It’s important to monitor your tree for signs of pests and disease so you can catch the culprits early, then talk to a local arborist or tree specialist about how to attack and eliminate the pests.

Watch for other signs of damage as well. Lawn equipment that is used too close to the tree can damage tree trunks, as can rabbits and rodents. Roots can also run into obstacles such as sidewalks, roads and your foundation, which will cause long-term damage. Contact an expert in tree maintenance in Mount Airy, MD for advice on these issues and more.

Stabler Tree & Crane Services can help you with all of your tree maintenance needs. We have the tools and expertise needed to care for your trees at every state of their lives, from planting and maintenance to removal. We focus on ensuring that we do the job in the safest way possible and in the best interest of your trees and your property. Call us today to learn more.

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