Maryland’s Tree Trimming Regulations

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If you’re planning on trimming or removing trees on or adjacent to your property, you should be aware that the state of Maryland has laws that apply to this process. This is the case when it comes to trees that are in the public right of way, which fall under the Maryland Roadside Tree Law. The state doesn’t technically own these trees, but they’re considered a “tenant in common relationship,” meaning that they’re in the scope of the property owner and the government.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, you may want to hire professional tree services in Mount Airy, MD. They’ll know exactly how to negotiate any legal issues regarding tree maintenance and removal. Here’s how the state is regulating tree removal and trimming.

Roadside tree regulations

It’s illegal under state law to trim, mutilate, or otherwise injure any roadside tree without first obtaining a permit or work order issued by the county or the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The state provides a number of services for roadside trees to ensure their maintenance:

  • Removal of stumps
  • Cutting down and removing dead trees
  • Moving or elevating limbs that are blocking sidewalks or the road
  • Trimming and removing limbs blocking streetlights, traffic signals, or traffic signs
  • Removing dead wood and debris resulting from storm damage
  • Cutting down and removing live trees that are subject to a valid work permit or order

How to get trees removed the right way

If you’re in a situation where you need a tree removed in a public right of way, it’s best to contact state officials. You can look up how to do so with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources or with your county agency. State and county agencies will use certain criteria to determine if the tree you want removed is a valid request.

There are some cases where tree crews may fall behind schedule due to high demand. This includes following severe storms and during other busy times. During these times, residents are allowed to bring in third-party tree removal services to help, so long as they’ve obtained a valid tree-removal permit.

Finding the best tree services in Mount Airy, MD

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