The How, When and Why of Tree Maintenance

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There’s a lot to tree maintenance. More than most people realize, actually! And while most people know they need to get their trees trimmed every so often, quite a few people are in the dark about the finer points of tree maintenance. Don’t worry—that’s not your job! It’s the job of an arborist in Mount Airy, MD, who will gladly keep your tree care on track.

In case you were wondering, however, here’s a quick look at what the ideal tree care regimen looks like. Keep in mind, this varies by tree type, age and other factors.

When Should You ____?

When should you trim your trees? Well, as it turns out, they really only need trimming once per year. It’s best to trim them early in the season, to ensure they’re cut back to the proper shape and able to full out during the year without becoming too unruly. For fast-growing trees, a second trimming during the peak of the season may be in order.

When it comes to tree pruning in Mount Airy, MD, the answer is once per year, during the dormant season. Any non-flowering branches should be removed and overcrowded areas should be cut back to allow proper nutrient distribution.

What about fertilization or injections? These are on an as-needed basis. The same goes for pest control. Why treat a condition if your tree doesn’t have it?

Why Should You ____?

Why trim? To promote positive and consistent growth throughout, and to ensure the tree’s growth is controlled. Trimming will help keep branches from hanging over buildings or growing into power lines—both of which will necessitate removal of the whole branch.

Pruning has a similar concept behind it. Overcrowding within the tree itself will cause long-term issues. The tree may become top-heavy, which will cause it to lift. Similarly, overconcentrated areas will burden the tree’s ability to provide itself with proper nutrition. Overgrowth among branches can even cause the tree to choke itself!

Finally, why fertilize? Well, the soil your tree draws nutrients from may not be so great. Fertilization or soil spiking will add much-needed nutrients to the soil, promoting everything from greener blooms to healthier bark.

The “How” is Always Choosing a Pro

So now you know the when and why of tree maintenance—but how do you administer care to your trees? Simple: You shouldn’t! Trees may be resilient, but they’re also quite delicate. Trimming your tree back too far, pruning too enthusiastically or spiking your soil improperly can all result in more harm than good.

Remember, it’s easier to keep a healthy tree healthy than it is to try and bring a dying tree back to health. Good maintenance by a qualified arborist in Mount Airy, MD will keep your tree healthy and green. Lack of maintenance—or worse, poor maintenance—will leave it struggling to live and thrive. Now that you understand the basics of tree care, you should also understand that the best choice for ensuring it is calling a professional.

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