What Does a Tree Service Do?

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If you own trees, you know the need for proper tree maintenance. But you’re not likely to be the one administering it! That’s best left to a professional tree service in Mount Airy, MD. Not only will a professional deliver a better caliber of service, they’ll make sure your tree is getting the care it needs to thrive.

But what, exactly, does that scope of service look like? When most people think of a tree service, they associate it with trimming and pruning. And while these are cornerstones of tree maintenance, they’re far from the only services delivered by a pro. Here’s a look at some of the many services offered by a tree care company and why they’re important to your tree’s overall health and wellness:

  • Trimming: Tree trimming is the act of shaping and managing a tree’s branches. This can help prevent dangerous growth into power lines or keep creeping branches back from your home.
  • Pruning: Pruning is actually different from trimming, even though most tree trimmers in Mount Airy, MD are also skilled pruners. Pruning is the act of thinning out the tree, to prevent it from getting top-heavy or from dying due to lack of sufficient nutrients for all branches.
  • Pest evaluations: Pests are the biggest threat to trees, which means your trees need to be regularly inspected for their presence. An arborist or other tree care professional will be able to recognize the signs of a pest infestation and can recommend the right course of action for dealing with it.
  • Bracing: Sometimes, smaller trees need a little help growing straight up! They often tilt or lean in one direction or the other, which can cause problems in the tree’s growth into adulthood. Bracing keeps the tree stable and upright! For established trees, bracing can help correct branch growth or encourage natural growth away from utilities.
  • Valuation: More than just trimming and pruning, a professional tree service in Mount Airy, MD will actually be able to provide a valuation for your tree. This can be useful for everything from insurance claims to legal disputes over property. You might not realize is, but trees are extremely valuable!
  • Injections: Soil injections are required if a tree is faltering due to poor soil quality or a lack of general nutrition. Regular injections—also called soil spikes—can rejuvenate a tree and help it regain everything from its color to its bark strength.
  • Planting: Thinking about getting a new tree planted on your property? A tree service will get the job done right, to ensure your landscape’s new addition grows strong and beautiful.
  • Removal: Whether by way of pests or simply due to age, trees can grow brittle and die. When they do, they need to be removed before they become a danger. Any tree service will know the proper methods for felling a tree and removing the stump to erase any trace of an old, decrepit tree.

It takes a lot to keep our trees healthy and verdant—much more than just trimming! With so many different demands, it’s best to leave your trees in the hands of a qualified professional at a tree service company.

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