How to Keep Trees Healthy All Winter

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The only tree most people think about during the winter is their Christmas tree. But those trees in the front and back yards shouldn’t have to suffer through the frozen months, forgotten and subjected to the frigid winds and icy storms. Trees are still susceptible to winter conditions, even though most become dormant during the winter. The season can be quite stressful on trees, especially recently planted or young trees that don’t have the necessary root system or thick bark to survive. An especially cold winter could even mean the end for an ill-prepared tree.

Luckily, a few simple preparations can ensure your trees will survive the winter season to thrive again next spring. Follow these six tips from a tree service in Mount Airy, MD to keep trees healthy all winter long:

  • Mulch: The chilly air of the fall season is Mother Nature’s signal that it’s time to mulch the trees. Add a thin layer of mulch beneath the drip line of the tree. This will insulate the soil and roots against extreme temperatures and slow down water loss.
  • Wrap: Wrapping a tree is like providing it with a warm winter coat. During the winter, the sun thaws the tree trunk during the day before refreezing in the cold night air. This can cause the bark to crack. Cover the trunk with a wrap for protection. Painting the tree trunk white will have the same effect.
  • Protect: Food can be scarce for rabbits and voles during the winter. These pesky critters love to gnaw on the bark of young trees. The damage can leave them permanently stunted. Block pests by wrapping the trunks with plastic guards or cage them with chicken wire.
  • Clear snow: A major snowstorm can be devastating for a tree. Accumulated snow puts a significant amount of weight on the branches, causing them to break. Remove snow from the limbs as soon as possible after snow hits. Be careful not to break ice off the branches, as it can cause more damage.
  • Prune: The bareness of trees makes winter the perfect time for pruning. The lack of leaves makes it easy to see the full structure of the tree and spot any problem areas. Pruning when the tree is dormant can also help prevent the spread of diseases, which are also dormant during this time of year. Reach out to a professional for help if you’re not sure how to best prune a tree.
  • Enlist the help of a pro: Not sure whether your tree will even survive the winter, or don’t have time to prepare? Enlist the help of a tree service in Mount Airy, MD. An expert arborist will take care of the trimming, mulching and wrapping so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Proper maintenance is vital to keeping a tree looking beautiful throughout the year. Do you need some help with your trees? Call the best in the business at Stabler Tree & Crane Services today for tree service in Mount Airy, MD. We have over three decades of experience helping local residents and property owners care for their trees, and we look forward to assisting you soon.

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