When to Stop Watering Plants and Other Care Tips for Fall

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Now that fall is here and winter is on its way, you are probably observing all kinds of changes in your yard. As your plants go through changes in preparation for the colder months, it’s important to take extra steps to care for them. If you want your garden to spring back to life when the temperatures warm up again next year, it’s important to consider some important fall care and maintenance tips for your flowers, trees and plants.

Just because the temperatures are getting low doesn’t mean you should stop watering your plants. Your flowers and trees still need water to stay hydrated during dry periods during the fall and winter. You should continue watering your trees as long as it isn’t raining and the temperatures aren’t dipping below freezing. In cooler climates, this usually means that you will continue watering your plants and trees through late October or early November, when the ground starts to freeze. In addition to consistent watering, it’s important to take some other maintenance and care steps to keep your trees healthy. Here are some suggestions from our tree service in Mount Airy, MD:

  • Apply mulch: One of the best ways to keep your trees healthy is to spread mulch around their roots. Mulch insulates tree roots from freezing temperatures, and can also help them stay hydrated during winter dry spells. You should apply mulch in a circle around the base of your tree, but keep it at least a couple of inches away from direct contact with the tree.
  • Trim and prune your trees: Tree trimming is an essential part of tree service in Mount Airy, MD. Trimming your trees gives you the opportunity to remove branches that are damaged or diseased and promote healthy new growth from your tree limbs. During the fall and winter, changing weather can increase the likelihood of limbs falling from your tree, and pruning allows you to get rid of these limbs before they fall and cause property damage or personal injury.
  • Inspect your trees: Insects and disease can do serious damage to your trees if left unchecked. By inspecting your trees this fall, you can identify problems before they get bigger and spread to your other trees and plants. For the most thorough inspection possible, hire a professional who provides tree service in Mount Airy, MD. They can assess the condition of your trees and make care recommendations based on their findings.

For more tree care tips or to get professional tree service in Mount Airy, MD, reach out to the team at Stabler Tree & Crane Services. Since 1986, we have proudly provided a wide range of services, including stump grinding, tree pruning, tree preservation, tree removal, crane services, storm cleanup and snow removal. Regardless of what the fall and winter forecasts have in store for you, our team is here to provide you with the services and support your trees need. Give us a call to find out more and schedule a consultation today.

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