Three Reasons to Remove That Stump

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If you’ve gotten rid of a tree in your yard, you also have to decide what to do with the stump that remains. Leaving a tree stump may seem like a fine idea, and one that will save you some money, but there are a number of reasons to get rid of it. Tree stumps can mar an otherwise beautiful yard. Here are three more serious reasons you’ll want to call for stump removal in Mount Airy, MD.

A home for pests

A tree stump doesn’t look bad to pests. Insects and other vermin can make it their home. Termites are particularly attracted to tree stumps. These insects in a stump aren’t necessarily terrible, but when they start to spread to your home they become a major problem. While live trees are also susceptible to pests like termites, they’re much hardier. Tree stumps have no defenses against pests or diseases. If a stump gets a pest or disease, there’s a very good chance it will spread to other trees or your home.

More tree than stump

Cutting down a tree and leaving a stump doesn’t stop all growth. Roots will still grow below ground, which can be a problem if you decided to remove the tree because of worries that the roots would be destructive to your yard or anything underground, like sewer lines or home foundations. The still growing roots will also draw in nutrients from nearby, leaving less for grass and other plants around. Grass is especially vulnerable to this. If you notice grass dying around your tree stump, you’re dealing with extra growth. Contact a service specializing in stump removal in Mount Airy, MD.

You’re still liable

Getting rid of a tree can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because the tree is dying and branches could fall on something or someone. Getting rid of the tree doesn’t remove your liability, though—a stump can still be dangerous. Children playing in the yard can run into a stump or fall on it. Visitors who aren’t aware of the stump can also trip on it or any roots growing up from the ground. This goes double in the dark. A stump can be unsightly during a party, but can also be dangerous for anyone nearby. It’s not just the stump itself—soil can be displaced by the tree, causing depressions in the ground that can also create dangerous situations for anyone walking around. Not only is it not good that someone can be hurt on your property, but you could be held liable for any serious injuries the tree stump causes.

Stump removal in Mount Airy, MD is a good idea, and Stabler Tree & Crane Services specializes in removing trees after storm damage or rot. We don’t just get rid of the trees—we also remove the stumps. We’re a fully licensed and insured company with more than 30 years of experience in the Mount Airy, MD area. Don’t be afraid to give us a call to set up an appointment. We can help answer any questions you may have about getting rid of a tree or stump.

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