Five Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal in Mount Airy, MD

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Homeowners decide to remove trees from their yards for all kinds of reasons, but two reasons are particularly common: safety and landscaping. While your end goal should not be to cut down trees, sometimes it’s really the best option. Here are some signs it might be time for tree removal in Mount Airy, MD:

  • Defects and damage: It’s one thing for a tree to be ugly, yet healthy, and another for a tree to look unappealing because of defects or damage. The truth is that certain defects can compromise a tree’s structural integrity, which increases its chances of dropping branches or falling down completely. You should consider removing a tall, weakened tree, especially since your insurance may not cover property damage caused by falling trees.
  • Disease in leaves, bark or branches: Unfortunately, like any other type of plant, trees are susceptible to disease. Check leaves for discoloration, a lack of veins and odd nodules. Inspect the bark for strange looking bumps. Keep a lookout for dead and dying branches. Be wary of fungus growing on the branches or trunk. Disease makes trees less appealing and more prone to losing limbs or falling down. To avoid disease spreading to other plants in your yard, or to possibly save the tree, contact a certified arborist as soon as you notice any signs of disease.
  • Questionable location: A top reason homeowners decide to move forward with tree removal is safety. If there are large trees close to your home or other buildings on your property, then swaying or falling branches can cause damage to roofing and siding. Also, full foliage trees standing too close to homes can shade siding from the sun. Moisture cannot dissipate, causing mold to grow on the inside or outside of your home. Another questionable location is near overhead power lines. Branches close to or touching live lines is a serious safety hazard, especially during the stormy season.
  • Dead or hanging branches: Tree branches falling off is a natural process, but dead or hanging branches should be removed to prevent property damage. Simple preventative measures include checking branches before and after storms. If you have very tall trees, you can use binoculars to see all the way to the top and within the canopy. Sometimes a tree has too many dead or damaged branches, in which case the entire tree may need to be removed.
  • It’s clearly dead: A lot of large-scale tree defects, disease and damage are noticeable, while small affected areas can hide. But unless the tree is uprooted and has fallen on the ground, a dead tree is not always immediately apparent. Because trees tend to die slowly, your best bet is to hire an arborist to come assess its condition.

Dead or ailing trees are best cut down before they cause problems. Luckily, the team at Stabler Tree & Crane Services is trained to bring down trees safely, cut them up and haul away the pieces. Contact us today for more information about tree removal in Mount Airy, MD!

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