Watch Out for These Common Tree Problems in the Spring

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It is frequently assumed that spring is an easy time for all plants, including trees. Warmer temperatures and steady rain seem to contribute to health rather than prevent it. However, providers of tree services in Mount Airy, MD still find that trees have issues. Here are six of the more common ones:

  • Construction damage: Spring is not just a time for planting—it is also the best building season. Poorly planned construction efforts can damage trees by cutting offer root systems or boxing them in. If you are planning on remodeling or building, call an arborist for a tree plan first. You may have to remove trees, and that should be done carefully by a professional. However, if you want to keep the trees, plan for coexistence first so you do not damage them while building.
  • Algae and moss: Increased moisture helps trees, but also other organisms. Algae and moss feed off accumulated moisture from snow melt and thrive in spring showers. You will see it grow on trees as green patches on the bark. Most of the time, algae and moss are harmless, albeit unsightly. If you want it removed, it is best to speak to an arborist, since your efforts could kill the tree with these organisms.
  • Insects: Beatles, worms, caterpillars and other insects can eat leaves and damage bark. Watch your leaves for discoloration and holes, as those are often the first signs of destructive insects. You may need to arrange for pest control and spraying so your trees have a productive spring.
  • Disease: Watch your leaves, not only for insect damage, but for any signs of disease. Many tree diseases can be eliminated with early detection. Sprays and other treatments can reduce symptoms and create healthy trees once again. Progressive diseases may make tree removal necessary. You do not want the tree rotting through and falling in your yard, so early detection also indicates whether a tree is too far gone to remain.
  • Wildlife: Urban wildlife adds character to your yard, but can also become challenging. Squirrels, woodpeckers, deer and voles can all cause damage, but most of the time, they simply coexist. Control is not always possible, but habitat modification and scare tactics can keep damaging critters away from your trees. However, many homeowners prefer finding ways to live with the wildlife without chasing them away.
  • Embedded objects: Wires, ropes, basket collars and other items that were not removed before winter can embed into trunks. Most of the time, a tree grows into these objects enough that they cannot be removed without compromising the tree. Basically, if you can remove it, do so carefully. Otherwise, cut where you can. If a wire, for example, is embedded except for one spot, cut it in that spot. That way, the wire will not suffocate the tree as it grows.

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