Six Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Crane

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People rent cranes and hire companies for crane services for more than just construction projects. Because cranes are great for many types of projects that require working high above the ground, heavy-duty cranes are regularly used to reach the tops of tall trees that need trimming or removal, as well as for moving large, heavy items.

Here are six things to keep in mind when researching crane rentals in Mount Airy, MD:

  • Gather important information: You know you need a crane, but the crane company will require specific information to ensure the right equipment is rented. When calling around, make sure to have the following information in front of you: location of the project; weight and dimensions of the objects to be lifted or height of relevant trees or buildings; information about any obstructions (trees, power lines, buildings); and information about access restrictions to the project site.
  • Make sure they’re experienced, licensed and insured: Crane service is not something you want to gamble on. For that reason, experience is an important factor when hiring a crane rental company. Look for a company that not only has years of crane rental and operation experience, but one that knows how to handle your specific project. Additionally, get it in writing that they have the proper licenses and insurance. Here at Stabler Tree & Crane Services, we are fully licensed and insured, whether you are renting a crane and operator or hiring us for tree maintenance services.
  • Ensure they have the right equipment: Does the company have the crane you need? Since the type of crane needed is specific to the job, it’s imperative to ask about the types and sizes of cranes and equipment they rent out. Our equipment includes 23-ton Terex cranes that can extend almost 150 feet, as well as 65-foot bucket trucks.
  • Hire a certified crane operator: Do you have your own experienced crane operator working on your project site? If not, you’ll need to hire one. Some crane rental companies provide a skilled, certified and qualified operator with each crane. These professionals know how to operate the crane and move it around effectively and safely.
  • Get bids: Start your crane search early so you can consider bids from several companies. This extra step can save you lots of money and hassle.
  • Book a crane early, and get permits: Booking a crane early ensures you have the equipment you need on the day you’ve planned your project, and that it will arrive on time. This helps you avoid falling behind schedule or having to rush to make up time. Additionally, it’s likely that you’ll need a permit to use a crane on your property or construction site. Even certain tree trimming or removal projects may require permits, but many professional tree services include the permit in the final cost.

Whether you need crane rentals in Mount Airy, MD for a construction job or a tree trimming project, give the team at Stabler Tree & Crane Services a call. We are here to help you get the job done right!

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