Five Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump from Your Yard

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Time’s up—that tree stump in your yard has got to go! Stabler Tree & Crane Services is your local expert in stump removal in Mount Airy, MD. We can say with certainty that if you’re hiring a professional to come and cut down a dead tree, it’s best to have them remove the stump, too. Here are five top reasons why you should consider having this service performed.

Stumps aren’t pretty

Your yard should be a sanctuary and peaceful haven, a place where you can relax and enjoy the view. Stumps tend to cut back on the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping, effectively creating a dead space around your grass and taking you away from the joy of nature. Plus, they take up perfectly good yard space that could be used for planting something new and beautiful.

Stumps lead to lots of erratic seedlings

A stump is quite capable of producing many new tree sprouts. This might not seem bad at first, but they can quickly grow into unsightly clumps of little trees, which will not be able to survive because they are too close together, and will ultimately have to be treated with weed killer or professionally removed.

Furthermore, you’ll most likely find that the nutrients in the surrounding soil are greatly depleted because it is supporting so many little saplings. Save yourself the time and money of eliminating multiple trees by getting the single stump removed from the start.

Stumps create an obstacle course

Not only are stumps incredibly irritating to constantly sidestep and hop over, especially in a small yard, but they can actually create a hazard, too. If you have children playing in the area, it’s all too easy for them to trip and fall, and it’s even worse if the injured party is not a family member, because you could be held personally responsible.

Lawn care is also greatly hindered, and you could cause irreparable damage to weed whackers or lawnmowers if they accidentally encounter the stump. When mowers and stumps square off, the stump almost always wins.

Stumps attract pests

One of the most compelling arguments for stump removal in Mount Airy, MD is that stumps tend to attract unwelcome visitors such as ants, termites and beetles. Stumps provide a welcome environment for these critters because of their soft, rotting wood and shady environment. They are bad in the yard, but a nightmare when they reach your house. Stop them before they get started by simply removing their home.

Stumps hinder creativity

When you decide to leave a stump where it is, you’re effectively resigning yourself to never using that part of your yard again. We all deserve to enjoy our entire landscape, so treat yourself to a beautiful new patch of land where you can plant a new tree, a vegetable garden or even just a new layer of soft grass. The possibilities are endless—just as soon as you get professional stump removal in Mount Airy, MD. Give Stabler Tree & Crane Services a call today to take back your yard!

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