Why Should You Use Local Firewood?

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Few things are better than a crackling fire indoors or outdoors. Fires can be relaxing, comfortable and fun as you settle in a ring around the warm, burning fire and spend time alone or with friends. But there’s also a not-so-fun component to campfires that few people truly understand.

Many campgrounds have regulations on what kinds of firewood can be brought into the area. Usually, firewood in Mount Airy, MD is required to be from within close proximity of the campground. Many people assume this regulation is pointless, or a way for the campground to charge visitors money for their bundles of wood. However, this is not the case. By neglecting to use local firewood, you could be introducing invasive species into an area that could destroy the forest.

Avoiding deadly infestations

Firewood can be a host for tree-killing insects and diseases. When you transport it with you to new locations, you are increasing the risk of those insects or diseases spreading from your small pile of firewood to the nearby forests, where they can wreak absolute havoc.

Invasive species can quickly infest new areas and cause severe damage to trees, plants and shrubs. This can cause either irreparable damage or a long process of decay for the trees in the area, putting the forest and its inhabitant and visitors at risk.

Without healthy forests, people will not be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as mountain biking or hiking without the potential risk of falling trees. Animals will also be at risk and potentially lose their homes.

Don’t risk it

No matter how “clean” or safe your firewood looks, don’t take the risk of transporting it to new locations. Tiny insect eggs and microscopic fungi can still be lurking on your firewood.

Instead, practice the “buy it where you burn it” method. Purchase firewood in one location and burn it there. If you’re going somewhere else, don’t bring the wood you have with you—purchase a new bundle to burn there!

The maximum distance you should transport firewood in Mount Airy, MD or elsewhere is 50 miles. However, 10 miles or less is best, just to stay on the safe side. Every campground or state has different rules and regulations, so make sure you are checking and following those if you plan to use firewood.

What to do with firewood from your property

It’s common for people with trees and brush in their yards to collect fallen branches and bring them when camping to burn. After all, free firewood is good, right? Wrong, at least if you’re planning to burn it outside of your town or give it to people who will take it far away.

We suggest burning firewood found on your property at home, chipping it and using it for mulch or letting it rot on your property. Taking it elsewhere to burn poses too much of a risk to other plants and the forests we hold dear.

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