Four Benefits of Wintertime Tree Pruning in Mount Airy, MD

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Although tree and other plant growth slows down during the colder winter months, they still need to be maintained to improve their appearance, and they will be healthier and safer in the harsh winter elements in the process. So, if you own a piece of property with trees on it, you may be wondering if winter is a good time to prune. The short answer is, yes, late winter is a great time for pruning your trees, even though this task can be accomplished during any season. Keep in mind that the recommended time of year to prune varies depending on the tree species.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of wintertime tree pruning in Mount Airy, MD.

Keeps trees healthy

How does pruning promote plant health? First of all, when you prune trees, you remove dead or dying limbs that were harmed by disease, mites or insects, as well as damaged branches injured by animals, people or storms. You might also elect to remove overgrowth in the interior of tree crowns in winter to allow warm sunlight and air to circulate through it. Additionally, thanks to cold temperatures, pruning trees in winter when they are dormant greatly reduces the amount of sap that oozes from fresh cuts, which contributes to healthy growth in the future.

Prevents winter hazards

Winter can be a dangerous time for people and wildlife. As a precaution, you may want to make sure all your large trees—especially those near the street, your home or other structures—are properly pruned to prevent winter hazards from happening. Pruning is important to avoid tree failure, which can result in costly property damage and even bodily harm. Wintertime pruning also reduces snow buildup that can overload and break tree branches.

Encourages fruit tree growth

While it’s relatively safe to prune most trees throughout the year, your tree specialist will recommend pruning your fruit trees while the tree is dormant. In other words, winter is the ideal time to prune and maintain fruit trees. This time of year is best to reduce the tree’s chances of contracting diseases like stem canker and fire blight. These types of tree diseases can vary depending on the tree species and the area where you live. Another advantage of winter pruning is that it promotes robust spring growth and bigger and tastier fruits.

Offers better access and visibility

Oftentimes, the frozen ground in winter makes for easier access for tree specialists and equipment to certain areas that are hard to reach during other times of the year. Winter is also the best season for better visibility—leaves fall, giving tree pruners a better view of what they have to work with. They get an unobstructed line of sight to see which areas need pruning and whether there’s any structural damage to the tree.

It is important to thin out your trees to prevent hazards in winter and avoid overgrowth come spring. If you are looking to hire a professional for tree pruning in Mount Airy, MD, look no further than the experts at Stabler Tree & Crane Services. Call us today!

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