Winterize Your Shrubs and Trees with Help from an Arborist in Mount Airy, MD

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As the winter approaches, there are several important preventative measures that are necessary to prepare your home and yard for extreme weather conditions and dipping temperatures. There is a slew of issues that plague plants and trees during the winter months as a result of snow and ice. Some of these problems cause only minimal damage, but others can lead to extensive disease and even the death of your plants and trees.

The good news is that there are steps that you can take to ensure that your shrubs and trees are ready for the winter. Understanding what kinds of problems are most common during this time of the year can give you additional insight into how an arborist in Mount Airy, MD can address them:

  • Sun damage: When snow is on the ground, it reflects sunlight much more than grass and soil. When the sun is heavily reflected, it can result in the scalding of trees and shrubs. As the sun heats up the bark of trees, it can interfere with growth. In order to prevent this kind of damage, you can wrap tree trunks in reflective material, such as commercial tree wrap.
  • Stunted root growth: The roots of trees and shrubs are often much more vulnerable than other parts of the tree. When soil becomes frozen, it can lead to issues like excessive frost on the roots and prevent them from effectively absorbing moisture and nutrients. Mulching your trees and shrubs helps insulate the surrounding soil and protects root systems.
  • Heavy snow and ice: Snow and ice can get very heavy as they accumulate on branches. All of that extra weight often causes limbs to break off of trees and shrubs. One of the best ways to prevent branches from snapping off as snow and ice accumulate is by having your trees professionally pruned by an arborist in Mount Airy, MD.
  • Salt runoff: Many times, icy roads will be salted in order to make them safer for drivers. Although this is good news for people on the road, it is not so good for trees and shrubs. Salty runoff can do a lot of damage to plants. Try to keep plants that are sensitive to salt runoff away from roadways that are salted during icy conditions. You may also be able to protect your plants with some types of tree barriers.
  • Pests: Mice, rabbits and deer can all make a meal out of your precious shrubs and trees. You can protect your plants by using repellants that are designed for rodents and deer, and by placing fences around more delicate trees and shrubs.

When you need help preparing your trees and shrubs for the winter, you can find exceptional help from the team at Stabler Tree & Crane Services. We have been working with trees and stumps since 1986, and we continue to deliver premier services to all of our customers. We offer a wide range of services, including stump removal, tree pruning, fertilization and more. Book your appointment with an arborist in Mount Airy, MD by giving us a call today.

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