What’s the Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood Firewood in Mount Airy, MD?

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If you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, you know that late fall and early winter are the best times of year to start a fire. Fires keep you warm and toasty while also keeping your heating costs lower throughout the winter. The only downside of having a wood-burning fireplace is choosing which type of firewood to purchase. You can either buy hardwood firewood or softwood firewood. Both have their pros and cons. Keep reading to find out which is best for your fire!


Hardwood trees are easy to identify by their broad leaves. Hardwoods will also lose their leaves in the fall. The most common hardwood trees are oak, maple, beech, ash and elm. Hardwoods are beautiful woods and are typically used for furniture and flooring. But when a craftsman isn’t creating a beautiful piece of furniture, he may want to consider using these woods for his fires!

Hardwoods are much denser than their softwood counterparts. Since they’re denser, hardwood firewood tends to burn for much longer than softwood firewood. So, if you’re looking for a fire that’ll burn all night long, buy hardwood! Hardwood firewood in Mount Airy, MD also creates more coals than softwood, so the fire will continue to put out heat and light well into the night. Putting out heat and light makes hardwood a great choice for anyone camping overnight, as this will keep you warm and also help ward off any animals.


Unlike hardwoods, softwood trees don’t lose their leaves each fall. Cedar, red pine, and fir trees are some of the most common softwoods and are typically used for construction purposes. But they’re also great for firewood in Mount Airy, MD.

If you need to start your fire quickly, look no further than a softwood! Softwoods have a lot of resin, which makes them easy to light. The flame burns hot and fast, instantly illuminating a space and providing a quick burst of heat. If you’re out camping, be sure to bring some softwood so you can get your fire going right away. Softwood firewood is also a great choice for anyone going camping because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The downside to softwood is that it doesn’t burn for very long, so it’s not the best for using in your wood-burning fireplace if you want to keep warm overnight.

Use both!

When it comes to creating a great fire, it’s important to use a mixture of firewood. Buy some softwood to get your fire started easily, and mix in hardwood after that to keep the fire going all night long. Using one or the other will either result in a fire that only lasts a few minutes or one that takes hours to get hot.

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