The Importance of Tree Pruning in Mount Airy, MD

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Large, mature trees in a yard can offer a number of great benefits. They create a beautiful aesthetic, and they can even boost the curb appeal and value of a home. For all of their great qualities, though, large trees can often create some issues for homeowners. When trees are left unkempt, you may deal with problems like falling branches or out-of-control growth that interferes with your home or other structures on your property. Because of this, it is important that you take preventative steps to keep your trees as healthy and well maintained as possible. Pruning can make a significant impact in the way your trees grow, and can also improve the safety of your yard. This service offers many benefits, so it’s a good idea to call for tree pruning in Mount Airy, MD on a regular basis:

  • Safety: The most important reason why you should prune your trees is to keep people in and around your home safe. When tree limbs die, they lose their attachment to the tree and they can easily be set loose by a strong gust of wind or heavy rainfall. Depending on the size of your trees, fallen branches can pose a significant safety risk and lead to injuries. Because it can be tricky to safely access tree limbs on your own, it is always the best decision to hire a professional for tree pruning.
  • Structure: Pruning a tree actually alters the way it grows. When a professional prunes your trees, they will be able to cut limbs in such a way that promotes the best structural growth. Pruning can help with weight distribution and ensure branches grow safely.
  • Appearance: Because of the fact that pruning can promote effective growth, it often results in positive aesthetic outcomes. Having trees pruned regularly can improve the appearance of your home and promote curb appeal.

Frequency of pruning

During the late fall and early winter, trees become dormant. This means that their growth halts in order to preserve energy and promote healthy growth in the springtime. In addition, trees are not as threatened by insects, fungus and disease during the cold winter months. Most arborists recommend having pruning service done during this dormant period of time to achieve the best results. It’s best to have pruning done on a regular basis, between once every year and once every three years, depending on the age and condition of your trees.

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